Native Ads

For Publishers

Control the Inbox!

E-mail marketing creates robust returns and we are here to help you make the most money possible.

Native E-mails are a new way for you to connect with your subscribers and databases.

We customize advertisements that seamlessly blend in with your newsletter.

These Native E-mails are a non-intrusive way for you to implement advertisements into your e-mails so that your subscribers pay attention and want to engage with them.

The more your subscribers engage means the more money you make.

Why not use your e-mail marketing list to your full advantage?

We focus on revenue-generating ads so let us do the work while you collect the money.

Get the most out of Native Advertising

We are one of the only platforms in the ad tech market that allows customized ad templates and make them programmatic to fit your newsletter and your content seamlessly.

We create the right ads for the right audience which ensures these ads will be top yielding and revenue makers.

The ads target specific audiences (e.g. food, entertainment, travel, fashion, technology, etc.).

Our Native Collections can be an extremely useful tool for publishers to increase their revenue with the user experience in mind.

This unique approach can effortlessly allow you to gain audience, engagement and retention.

Our synchronized ads look like organic content that do not hamper UX and are guaranteed to deliver a seamless experience for your subscribers.

Start Earning Incremental Ad Revenue

To get the most out of Native Advertising, publishers need to have suitable ads that meet their requirements and audiences.

We create various and specific ad formats that seamlessly blend in for publishers to share the content.

The ads provide opportunities for visitors to read the content while navigating around the website.

We have partnered with some of the top publishers including The Washington Times, USA Today and Finimize.

Our goal is to help publishers by creating and optimizing the best Native Ads for higher CPM and engagement.

Power to the Publisher

We focus on helping publishers generate revenue by offering Native Ads that blend and flow seamlessly between their content through multiple channels.

It’s simple. When someone clicks, you earn money.

Our Native Ad experiences capture a user’s attention better than traditional ads would, which means more clicks and more revenue.

Don't just take our word for it!

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