Platform Overviews

Native Email Ads:

Native ads rotate within your email newsletters. The ad will fit seamlessly into the content— helping to promote the brand in a natural way. They are our most popular campaigns.

On the native email ads page, you’ll have the ability to view ad stats and block any ads you’d prefer not to have in your rotation.

Although these ads are always shown here in a generic format, our design team can customize them to match your own content and layout.

Dedicated Emails:

A dedicated email is custom email that is sent to a publisher’s subscriber base. These stand alone emails, which typically contain information about only one offer, are great for diversifying your content.

Steps for sending a dedicated email:

  • 1. Choose the day(s) you’d like to send the email (the campaign will run for 48 hours)
  • 2. Preview the creatives
  • 3. Determine the amount of clicks you’d like to deliver
  • 4. Try and hit your goal before time is up

REMINDER: You will not get paid for any clicks that exceed your limit or timeframe.

Once you accept an advertiser’s offer, you’ll have access to the creatives and subject lines.

A traditional email newsletter will likely have a diluted call-to-action (CTA) and will not stay focused on a single element.

At Interactive Offers we like to do things differently.
A publisher’s main goal should be to engage the audience and answer a message with a clear CTA. Our dedicated emails drive results because we focus on one message and one main goal— to turn clicks into customers.

Display Banners:

Digital display campaigns utilize graphic advertisements on a website, email, or both. Like native emails, these display banners can be customized to block any ads or advertisers you’d prefer not to show. Display advertisements can be powerful marketing tools on their own, or combined with native email campaigns for some extra oomph.

Native Email Editor

In order to make your emails look seamless, you must be able to customize each native email ad. For this reason, we’ve created the native email editor.

Our native email editor allows you to customize just about everything — such as font size, color, layout, background, and image size.

All of your customized ads will be stored in your account. They can be accessed and edited at any time. Each ad will have a custom HTML code, which you’re free to copy and paste into your newsletters.

If you’re too busy to create a custom native email, your account manager will be happy to do this for you. Just send them an example, mockup, or instructions, and they’ll send over the codes once the ads are finished.