Wocket Mail Case Study

Wocket Mail is virtual office suite that allows clients to access their paper mail online - anywhere, anytime, just like an email.
Using the physical address the company provides, clients have the freedom to view their mail wherever there’s an internet connection.
Mail is securely opened and scanned or forwarded, depending on each individual’s needs.
Wocket Mail offers three different competitive pricing packages.
Clients are charged monthly and are not required to lock into a long-term contract.


Wocket Mail was primarily advertising through Google. Their display banners were done professionally and adhered to best practices. There was no shortage of leads, but these leads lacked quality.
“Initially, we advertised through Google Adwords display campaigns, but for some reason the quality of our leads was lacking. With monthly subscription services, the goal is for clients to stick around. We found that the majority of new clients did not last past the free trial period. Wocket Mail is a reputable company, we go above and beyond for our clients. The service wasn't the issue, so it was time to rethink our marketing strategy.” - Wocket Mail managing partner.
The goal was to increase customer lifetime value (LTV)— the average amount of money clients will spend on your business over the lifetime of your relationship, minus the amount spent to acquire that customer.
Because Wocket Mail does offer a free trial period, longer term customers are pertinent to the success of the company.


Interactive Offers began working with Wocket Mail to increase the quality of their leads.
The marketing platform ran CPC display campaigns through their extensive list of industry specific publishers.
Wocket Mail offers services for individuals, as well as small and large businesses.
Although any long-term client is a desirable client, businesses yield larger profits than individuals alone.
Interactive Offers developed a marketing strategy that targeted business professionals — those who are not only more likely to need Wocket Mail’s services, but are also more likely to invest in the more profitable subscription packages.


By running their marketing campaigns through Google Adwords display, Wocket Mail was paying slightly less for each action.
Yet, once they began running campaigns through Interactive Offers Wocket Mail began saving enormously on customer lifetime value.
“To be frank, working with Interactive Offers was a game changer for us. It’s unsettling to think about the thousands of dollars we spent on dead-end leads through Google, but that comes with the territory of growing a business, you make mistakes... their (Interactive Offers) platform is easy to use, your results are available whenever you want to see them... transparency and quality are things I value and they have both.” - Wocket Mail managing partner
Wocket Mail’s ‘Pro’ pricing package surpassed ‘Basic’ in popularity once they began working with Interactive Offers — a $30 per month upgrade.
A better CPA does not mean better value, especially in the long-term. The leads obtained through Interactive Offers truly represent the importance of quality over quantity.