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Interactive Offers’ Dedicated and Sponsorship Email Ads Offer New Profit Source

Those with conservative backgrounds look to the publisher for a combination of fearless journalism and hard-hitting news, such as business and finance, political, and international coverage. The Washington Times also offers sports and opinion pieces, as well as special reports and investigative journalism.

Their well-rounded coverage and notable media brand has allowed the publisher to continue to grow during a time when many in the newspaper industry have seen large declines in interest.

The Washington Times' valued conservative commentary has led the publisher to identify as “America’s leading online destination” for important news with conservative viewpoints.

Like many present-day publishers, those behind The Washington Times understand the importance of accessible media.

Their news is available online or can be delivered to homes and businesses through digital or print subscriptions.


The Washington Times media brand is becoming increasingly more recognizable on a global scale, with page views averaging about 35 million per month.

Throughout the years, the publisher has accumulated a substantial subscriber database — many of which follow the organization’s banking and finance segment.

With an established name and large financially centered audience, there was great opportunity to monetize this subscriber base.

The publisher wished to utilize their following for financial gain, but was unable to find the right advertiser — one that could provide mutual benefit.


Interactive Offers is a data driven marketing platform. They team up with both advertisers and publishers to connect marketers to their target audience through publishers like The Washington Times.

The Washington Times and Interactive Offers teamed up and their goals were simple. Work with relevant advertisers, keep subscribers engaged, and monetize the subscriber base.


Financial news and opportunities resonate well within The Washington Times subscriber base. The marketing platform made engagement both effective and effortless— paying on a CPC basis.

The success of the dedicated email ads led Interactive Offers to explore new sources of financial gain — sponsorship ads.

Both dedicated and sponsorship emails ads have offered The Washington Times, and many other publications, a new profit source that was once undiscovered entirely.

"Interactive Offers has been a pleasure to work with. An easy-to-navigate platform has given us a great way to monetize our database. Their partnership has helped in providing new revenue streams, essential to growth in the current media landscape"

Chris Doyle, The Washington Times