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Ryse Raises Significant Capital By
Utilizing A Highly Targeted Audience
From Interactive Offers

The company is offering the latest innovation in smart home automation for customers who want to get motorized blinds but do not want to pay the high price tag or deal with complex installations.

RYSE SmartShades is an upgrade for the blinds and shades people already own and love. Simply attach it to the blind's chain or cord loop to motorize the window blinds and then control them with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri + HomeKit.


Raising money from investors can be challenging but for most founders, the ability to unlock capital is an absolute necessity. Asking other people for money doesn’t always come naturally and it can be a full-time commitment to seek out investors. When you’re running and growing a business simultaneously, this can turn into a daunting headache. RYSE wanted to partner with the Interactive Offers team to improve their chances of raising money dramatically and to ensure they were targeting the right investors. The goal of partnering with us and using our Native Email Ads platform was to access a hyper-targeted, likely-to-invest audience to maximize impact.


Mapping the investor landscape can be an arduous process, but it's a necessity. Therefore, not wasting time pursuing those who will never invest in your business is key. With the world in its uncertain state of flux, time and money have never been more relevant. With our highly targeted investor audience, IO was able to help RYSE generate an impressive 300% ROI over a 2-month campaign with us.


Almost immediately, we were pleased to see positive results for RYSE in investor engagement and brand awareness. By using targeted ads, we increased ROI rapidly in only two months. Our digital marketing offerings made for a worthwhile investment that created the results RYSE was looking for as they continue to raise capital.

“There are unparalleled challenges in raising capital, but IO made it easier than ever for us to raise the money we need to fuel our vision and showcase our unique opportunity to the right investors.”

Trung Pham, CEO - Ryse