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Miso Robotics Raises Remarkable Financial Capital In Less Than a Week By Using a Highly Segmented Audience From Interactive Offers

These expanded kitchen automation products are aimed to make restaurants friendlier, smarter, and more profitable. The company’s patented robotics can do everything from grill burgers, cook wings, and serve drinks. Partnerships have already been established with major fast food chains including Jack in the Box and Chipotle.


The challenge of landing capital to grow a company can be exhilarating but also overwhelming. As exciting as the money search can be, the time frame to raise that money can feel threatening. Miso Robotics had less than a week to go in their last financing round when they reached out to IO. In an effort to gain access to investors interested in the uniqueness of their offerings, the company partnered with us to use our multi-channel platform. A lack of money is not the problem, as there are millions of potential investors around the world. With a deadline looming, IO strategized to gain quick and direct access to a hyper-targeted audience that was likely to invest in Miso Robotics and want to be a part of their growth story.


Miso Robotics is one of the most successful crowdfunded stories of all time. With less than a week before the company’s latest funding round closed, IO stepped in to deliver a highly targeted investor audience that generated an almost 900% ROI in only days. By taking on the project at nearly the last minute, we knew that timing was critical and executed a successful campaign strategy that targeted prospects who were likely to invest. Gaining such tremendous investor interest in under a week highlights the advantage of using IO’s highly targeted audience.


Generating an impressive ROI of nearly 900% in a few days for Miso Robotics only testifies the benefits of our digital marketing offerings. Providing the company with incredible investor engagement under such a crunched deadline was not only thrilling but also a testimony to the capabilities of our highly targeted audiences.

“We chose to partner with IO on this due to previous successes and familiarity with their platform. They didn’t disappoint and stepped in at the eleventh hour, providing us with an audience that believed in Miso’s vision and wanted to be invested in their story. A story that is only beginning, as Miso pioneers the technology aimed to revolutionize the restaurant industry.”

Chad Hamzeh - DSV2