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Interactive Offers Obtains and Delivers New Targeted Content In Real-Time and Generates Extra Revenue

ADVN averages over 8 million-page views per month, as it is a dynamic, informative and highly regarded source among serious investors.

Using an advanced discussion platform, iHub provides a forum for investors to gather and share market insights.

The platform’s clean and simple design was created with the user in mind — helping the nearly 700,000 Investors Hub members post close to 150,000,000 messages since the company first hit the online market 18 years ago.

Currently, members write about 40,000 easily accessible messages each trading day.

The appeal is simple. Investors Hub is where to find perceptive market incites in a less restrictive, more civil environment when compared to many competitors.

Investors Hub has been able to utilize the Interactive Offers platform to collect and discover new ways to reach their subscriber database with dedicated emails and newsletter sponsorships.

Interactive Offers has assisted in obtaining and delivering new targeted content to Investors Hub subscribers in real time while generating extra revenue.

"We have discovered new ways to monetize our database. The platform is seamless between advertisers and publishers, it’s like nothing we’ve ever used before."

Matthew Collom, Sales Director, Investors Hub