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Leveraging Dedicated Emails with Calls To Action, Interactive Offers Boosts Client Lead Conversions

With their services and solutions, both advertisers and publishers can generate targeted leads and more traffic for their businesses. Brands in niches such as finance (stocks, options, future and forex education), alternative investments (Real Estate and physical gold/silver), and more can leverage the Darwin Investor Network to scale their online presence and effectiveness.


Darwin Investor Network wanted to generate more leads that were likely to convert and use their services. Despite generating a consistent pipeline of leads, quality continued to be a concern as they grew their business. Darwin Investor Network believed Interactive Offers’ services would significantly impact their situation.


Interactive Offers identified Dedicated Email for Advertisers as the service that would provide Darwin Investor Network with high-quality, high-converting lead funnels. Interactive Offers created unique Dedicated Emails to drive results and encourage users to get acquainted with their brand.

Satisfaction and Results

Interactive Offers’ Dedicated Emails gave the Darwin Investor Network team the type of quality leads they had been seeking by providing their clients with context for their outreach, highlighting their value proposition, and introducing calls to action to increase email engagement.

The Interactive Offers’ platform offered insights, analytics, and visibility into Darwin Investor Network’s ideal client audience, all while saving money in the process. Darwin Investor Network continued to scale its lead generation and conversion tactics by leveraging Interactive Offers’ comprehensive, robust, and effective Dedicated Emails solutions. These successful results led to Darwin Investor Network adding Native, Display, and Coreg ads, providing cost-effective optimization and an opportunity to scale even more.

"We never had too much of a problem generating leads in general, but we felt like it was way more difficult than necessary to convert leads into actual sales. So, we approached the Interactive Offers team to see if they had any ideas to help improve our lead quality. Within just a few weeks of partnering up, they synced their Dedicated Emails system with ours, and we’ve seen a noticeable uptick in new customer conversions. VERY pleased with the results so far."

Michael Del Rio, Marketing Manager, Darwin Investor Network