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You’re Overpaying for Poor
Advertising that Doesn’t Convert!

Stop Paying for Clicks and Impressions!

At Interactive Offers, We Help You Acquire Highly-Targeted Leads With a Single Click of a Button!

You’re in good company

Proprietary Technology:
How It Works

We offer a simple solution to help you acquire customers.

Your offer gets placed in an email, native/display ad, or on a confirmation page after checkout.

Each ad is highly targeted based on the consumer’s buying behaviour.

Once they CLICK the offer, you have acquired the lead. Then you can forward that click to the final url destination!

It automatically drops them into your email drip campaign to market to them as you wish!

Gone are the days of overpaying for clicks (most of them are junk) and costly impression-based advertising.

Our technology ONLY delivers leads and verifies REAL customers!


  • Highly Targeted Leads
  • Verifies REAL Customers
  • Automatically Drops Leads Into ESP
  • ONLY Pay for New Customer Data
  • Transactional Offer Targeting

The Others

  • ONLY Clicks or Impressions
  • Delivers Phantom Clicks & Impressions
  • No Chance to Retarget Right Away
  • Overpay Without a Guarantee of Leads
  • Blind Targeting Across the Web

See why Interactive Offers is the Leader in Programmatic Advertising.

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