How to implement IO ads

Follow these instructions to set up Interactive Offers ads in your email newsletters:

  • 1. Ensure the email merge field for your Email Service Provider is correct in the Interactive Offers ad
  • 2. Place Interactive Offers ad in Newsletter(s)
  • 3. Activate the Interactive Offers ad

Ensure merge fields are correct

In order for the ad to work properly, the merge fields, which are defaulted as [email] in the example below, should be updated with the variables required by your ESP.

Ad code example:

Merge field: Email

Once someone opens the email, their email address will be populated by the ESP. The merge field may need to be changed, depending on your provider. If you are having trouble finding this information, reach out to your account manager.

Updating ad Parameters

Simple text replacement fields are used to update the ad parameters. These variables help to personalize the email content and code with specific user information. Different ESPs may call them different things— like merge tags, tags, or macro.

You must customize the email field of the Interactive Offers ad to your ESP. This is the only requirement. This will grab the user’s email address to use as a unique token and thus send the correct ad. Interactive Offers will hash all the email addresses, unless you prefer to do so. We accept MD5 and SHA1 hashes.

Where do I place it?

Place the tag where you want the ad to appear within your newsletter’s template design. Send a test send directly to

Once the test email is sent, Interactive Offers will double check each test email to ensure codes are placed and working properly.

If the ads were implemented correctly, your account manager will email to inform you that you’re ready to move forward. If they were not, your Account Manager will work with you to quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

NOTE: All sends to should be sent directly from your ESP and not be forwarded. A forward will cause issues with activation.
Please DO NOT add to your subscriber list.